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The Semi-Circle is a non-profit theatre group, based in Basel. Founded in 1975, we are all amateurs and we operate entirely with volunteers. It is our aim to bring to life on stage dramatic works in the English language and to stage two productions every year. We also hold some special events for members only, and monthly Play Readings which are open to all.

We are delighted to announce our next production

TOP GIRLS  by Caryl Churchill

This play observes how different women cope with the constraints of a patriarchal society in the mid 1980s Britain, a time of rapid change.

Marlene is a career-driven business woman and only interested in women's success.
During an extravagant dinner party she introduces her "friends", amongst them famous women from history, such as the female Pope Joan.
But is Marlene as strong as she looks? 

We learn how other women cope in and around the business world and start to wonder:
What does it actually mean to be a successful woman?

The Cast


Cathy Barker                                       Marlene

Sabina van Steenderen        Waitress/Kit/Shona

Liz Shaw                                 Isabella Bird/Joyce

Eleanor Low                               Lady Nijo/Win

Anouk Dutruit                           Dull Gret/Angie

Miriam Cohn                          Pope Joan/Louise

Stephanie Chuah    Patient Griselda/Nell/Jeanine

Alison Bolton                                          Mrs Kidd


Richard Brown

Performances 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23, June 2018

Theater Rampe, Byfangweg 6, Basel

Box office and Bar open at 18:45

Door to the Auditorium opens at 19:10

Tickets are on sale now

CHF 30 + additional charges 



CHF 30  from Box Office at the night

Here are some impressions of our last production: SECRETS

"Love-Forty" with Rachel Postec and Luca Manganelli (Cast 1) and Barbara Bekalska and Lucia Maenz Ferreyros (Cast 2)

"Waiting" with Susan Aeschbach, Cathy Barker, Alison Bolton, Billy Gilbert, Adrian Chess and Jules

"Death Knocks" with Prateek Natani and Gurpreet Singh Gill

 "A Respectable Funeral" with Sue Newstead, Joy Scherer, Elisabeth Shaw and Michael Bray

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It is easy to become a member of The Semi-Circle.  All ages, genders and nationalities welcome.  We ask only for your enthusiasm and a love of theatre.

Annual membership fees:

     Individual: CHF 50

     Family: CHF 75

     Junior/Student: CHF 20

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