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The Semi-Circle

   English Language Theatre in Basel since 1975
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"Lucky Thirteen"

Rehearsed Play readings - 01 March 2019 at the Theater Arlecchino

Back to our roots...AGAIN! 

The club started in 1975 with a rehearsed play reading ("Lord Arthur Saville's Crime" by Oscar Wilde).  This tradition was brought back to life in 2017 with 24 members of The Semi-Circle performing on stage in ten short and strangely comic plays written by David Campton.

The event was so successful that the committee decided it was time to create a tradition within the club by building on this great start, repeating the event and so ensuring that everyone and anyone who wanted to take part should be able to - without any auditions and without having to learn lines (even including a mime).  

A series of thirteen short plays were chosen by the organisers (including several proposed by our members) to provide a mix of laughs and cries but thought provoking throughout.

The plays and cast of thirty one readers were (Directors with a star):

“Final Curtain” by Frank Gibbons: Cast: Ginger Zugato, Nuria Bonnila, Diana Zuger, Tony O'Sullivan*, Chris Jones, Eric Collino 

“What’s Been Bugging Stuart” by Chloe Matus: Cast: Lara Uçar/WilliamsScott Holland, Directed by Chloe

“Controlling Interest” by Wayne Rawle: Cast: Estela Celi, Salome Jean-Richard, Mike Bray, David Cox*, Edward Atkinson, Chris Jones

“Bit of a Gossip” by Frank Gibbons: Cast: Valerie Walder, Beatrix Castelotte-Iselin*

“Can Can” by Romulus Linney: Cast: Zuzana Cox, Clara Denim, Georgina Rotter*, Timothy Ebeling

“The Love Potion” by Robert M. Barr: Cast: Ginger Zugato, Michael Clarke*

“Leading Ladies” by Christina Simpkin:  Cast: Susan SYtafford, Joy Scherer*, Salome Jean-Richard, Tony O'Sullivan

“Act Without Words” by Samuel Beckett: Cast: Miriam Cohn, Scott Holland. Directed by Richard Brown

“Table for Two” by Susan Middaugh: Cast: Catherine Matter, Cathy Barker*, Chloe Matus, Marjorie Hopkins, Douglas Weeks, John Hyland

“Matterhorn” by Rich Orloff:  Cast:  Valentina D'Alessandro*, David Cox

“The Food Rationing Auction” by David Lovesy/Brian Two:  Cast: Stephanie Nemeth-Parker, Catherine Matter, Eric Collino, Mike Bray*

“Writers Group” by Tom Jensen:  Cast: Edward Atkinson, Sharon Marshall, Diana Zugar*

“Post-Its (Notes on a Marriage)” by P Dooley/W Holzman:  Cast: Susan Aeschbach*, Richard Brown.

A big thank you to the organisers Mike Bray, Chris Jones, Tony O'Sullivan and Michael Clarke (the latter two are in charge of our monthly play readingswho chose the plays, allocated the roles and made it all come to life culminating in an evening thoroughly enjoyed by readers and guests alike.




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