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The Semi-Circle

   English Language Theatre in Basel since 1975
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Chronology of Semi-Circle Productions performed at National and International Festivals

BAWF  –  British All Winners Festival
FEATS  –  Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies
FEST  –   Festival of English Speaking Theatre in Switzerland



 Production  Award  
 2019  FEATS, Munich  Playing with Daisy (Fossey)

 The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Award for best
 Stage Presentation 
 The Huhn-Boeye Award for best Stage Management 
 The BATS trophy for 3rd place overall 

 Nomination for Best Actress: Zuzana Cox 
 Nomination for Adjudicator's Discretionary award for

 2016  FEATS, Brussels
 Syrinx (Mosse)
 Nomination for Best Actress: Zuzana Cox 
 2016  FEATS Fringe, 
 Sure Thing (Ives)
 2014  BAWF, Isle of Man
 The Extraordinary Revelations of Orca the Goldfish

 The Amateur Theater Trophy Award for best  
 individual performance David Cox  

 Award for technical and backstage work

 2014  FEATS,  Luxembourg
 The Extraordinary Revelations of Orca the Goldfish 
 The Centennial Cup for second place
 Nomination for Best Actor: David Cox
 2011  FEATS, Geneva
 Death of a Clown (Beard)
 Taché Diamonds award for Third Place

 Nomination for Best Actor: Steve Martin

 2009  FEATS, Brussels
 Folie à Trois (Wooley)
 2008  FEATS, Stockholm
 The Cavern (Gater)
 2008  FEST, Cham/Zug
 The Author's Voice (Greenberg)
 2007  FEATS,  The Hague
 Expert in Flowers (Jaquet)
 2004  FEATS, Antwerp
 Feeding the Duck (Park)
 Best Actor award: Michael Clarke
 2002  FEATS, Brussels
 Guts (Sievert)
 Discretionary Award for the director: Andy Tobler
 Discretionary award for stage management:
 Mary Sinnott
 2001  Theatertage, Aarau
 Hard Candy (Rand)
 2001  FEATS, The Hague
 Hard Candy (Rand)
 Discretionary Award for team work
 1999  FEATS, Geneva
 An Englishman Abroad (Bennett)  Commendation: Norman Koeth
 1998  Theatertage, Aarau
 Albert (Harris)
 1995  FEST, Zurich
 Last Tango in Little Grimley (Tristram)
 1993  FEST, Berne
 A Sense of Ridiculous (Rae)
 1991  FEST, Geneva
 A Respectable Funeral (Chinn)
 1989  FEST, Berne
 Five review sketches (Pinter)
 1987  FEST, Berne
 The Paradise Pageant

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