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Autumn Productions 2012 - "Duplicity" - Short one-act plays

20/21/22/27/28/29 September 2012

Venue: Theater Arlecchino, Amerbachstrasse, Basel

Producer: Eleanor Low


"Foul Territory", directed by Nina Bradlin

- Jacob Dixon as Owen
- Danielle Zammit as Ruth

Owen and Rut
h are watching a Yankees game. Ruth is an unreservedly loud and passionate fan who swears a blue streak and believes her team will win, even against the odds. Owen is clearly pessimistic, not just about the game, but also about Ruth’s recent decision to leave her husband. As soon as Owen mentions the topic, a baseball comes his way and hits him smack on the head. Soon, another ball hits his nose, which starts to bleed profusely. He tells Ruth about countless other balls that have hit him in the past.

When yet another ball comes flying his way, Ruth encourages him to try to catch the ball, but Owen explains that there is no point. It seems to be his fate to be hit in the head with every ball that comes his way. Will he catch it?

"Creep" directed by Xander Deubelbeiss

- David Laurie as Hoover
- Vinka Arellano as Anne

Anne is at a party where she doesn’t want to be and where she meets the creep, Hoover, who crashed it and is having a great time observing the scene, drawing Anne into his stories.

"Jerry Springer is God", directed by Richard Brown
- Jacob Dixon as Tex
- Daniel de Guzman as RC
- Pablo Arnaiz as Jim
- Jessica Wilan as Viv
- Vinka Arellano as Dana
- Karolina Kowalska as Laura

In a fashionable apartment near New York City, Tex is trying to persuade his friends to make up a scenario which he could sell to the TV, after all how hard can it be to fool the producers of the Jerry Springer Show ? The friends are not interested, what possible relevance could there be in the crazy reality of the Jerry Springer Show ? Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

"Game Theory", directed by Penny Rettig

- Aimée Knightas Woman 1

- Christine Archer as Woman 2

A task on a corporate team building exercise. Two participants - 1 young and up-and-coming, the other, an older participant! Who can win?

"The Dear Departed", directed by John Stafford

- Joy Scherer as Mrs Slater
- Stephanie McKelvey as Victoria Slater
- John Hyland as Mr Slater
- Andrew Thompson as Abel Merryweather
- Sue Stafford as Mrs Jordan
- Trudy O’Neill as Gwen Jordan

Grandad is a former American soldier who stayed on in post-war England to raise a family. But having discovered her father has unexpectedly passed away, his daughter, Mrs Slater, and her husband are considering preparations for the funeral when her sister and niece, the Jordans, arrive. Trying to maintain the dignity of the occasion becomes difficult as old animosities begin to reappear. Disputes over inheritance escalate up to a surprise ending.

"Medea", directed by Georgina Rotter 

- Vanessa Sedleger as Medea

- Vinka Arellano as Chorus 1

- Susan Aeschbach as Chorus 2

- Sue Stafford as Chorus 3

- Darleen Geissmann as Angel

- Eric Collino as Jason

- Pablo Arnaiz as Messenger

MEDEA announces the performance of The Trojan Women. She and her chorus of three women try to figure out if it is appropriate to kill your children just to punish your husband and occasionally stumbles into parts of other plays. Jason shows up, so does a messenger with news of Lady Teazle, and a Deus ex Machina comes down from the sky and tries to cheer everybody up.

And Skeches as a red thread:

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