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Autumn Production 2011 - "Looking Back - Falling Forward" - Short One-Act Plays

Venue: Berufsfachschule Kohlenberggasse, Basel

6/7/8/13/14/15 October 2011

Death of a Clown - by Paul Beard, directed by Zuzana Cox
This was the Semi-Circle entry at FEATS in June, which was awarded third place in the competition.
Steve Martin - Clown
David Cox - Ringmaster

Ruby of Elsinore - by Bruce Kane, directed by David Cox
Zuzana Cox - Ruby
Eric Collino - Ghost
Eleanor Low - Ophelia
Marcel Halid - Hamlet
David Laurie - Claudius
Christine Archer-Lockwood - Gertrude

Norma - by Alun Owen, directed by Penny Rettig
Jamie Sievert - Man
Karolina Kowalska - Norma

Night - by Harold Pinter, directed by Richard Brown
Liz Shaw - Woman
Anthony Hehir - Man

All of these are one-act plays. Norma and Night are 10-minute plays.

A series of one-act plays in English where misunderstandings about the past may lead to an uncertain future for the characters. The sketches include 'Night' by Harold Pinter, 'Norma' by Alan Owen and our award-winning production of 'Death of a Clown' by Paul Beard. The final piece, 'Ruby of Elsinore' by Bruce Kane, is a comedy about the confessions of the characters from 'Hamlet' to Ruby, the castle's hairdresser.



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