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The Semi-Circle

   English Language Theatre in Basel since 1975
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Spring Production 2008 - "Down and Out" - Four one-act plays

"Rabbit" by David Foxton, directed by Angela Robinson

A thought-provoking play about a group of teenagers left to grow up without adults "after the bomb".  What do they remember of life "before"?  Will their society reflect that of their parents?

Tark - Cecilia Mihaljek
Sin - Daniel Billingham
Tib - Rachel McMurray
Vid - Sydney Muckett
San - Abi Crawley
Tran - Charis Billingham
Fash - Owain Wadham

Lob - Cat Thomas
Gray - Shannon O’Hara

Ock - Georgie Crawley
Ree - Laura Billingham
Mig - Marit Schep

Kron - Sebastian Gebhardi