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Spring Productions 2007 - "Expert in Flowers" by Krista Jaquet, "Shop for Charity" by Charles Mander, "The Celebration" by Anton Chekhov

Producer: Suzan Wilson


Venue: Theater Schönes Haus, Nadelberg, Basel

4/5/6/8/10/11/12 May 2007

"Expert in Flowers" by Krista Jaquet, d
irected by Krista Jaquet.

Four mid-lifers dealing with the sudden death of their wife / close friend, Vivi. They are shaken; the shock pushes them out of their familiar behaviours and roles.


Vivi  -  Deirdre Hertog-Buurman 

Pascal  -  David Cox

Sonya  -  Zuzana Cox

Larry  -  Michael Clarke

Tammy  -  Sasha Buff


"Shop for Charity" by Charles Mander, directed by Diana Zuger. 

This amusing play is about the value of charity shops: do they really help the Third World or are they a sop to the consciences of the middle-class people who run them?


Hilda  -  Susan Aeschbach-Jagger

Doris  -  Penny Rettig

Brenda  -  Joy Scherer

Mrs. Pike  -  Valerie Walder

Mr. Galbraith  -  Eric Collino

In this play, Mr. Galbraith was holding a banner: "MOAB SHALL HOWL OVER NEBO".

This is a quotation of the bible - Isaiah 15:2, translating: He is gone up to Bajith, and to Dibon, the high places, to weep: "Moab shall howl over Nebo, and over Medeba: on all their heads shall be baldness, and every beard cut off."

"The Celebration" by Anton Chekhov (translated by Eric Bentley), directed by Jamie Sievert.

Chekhov wrote a number of one-act plays. They are generally farces and "The Celebration" is no exception. A bank president is derailed in his attempt to celebrate the bank's anniversary by an insolent employee, a frivolous wife and a demanding client.


Kuzma Nikolayevitch Hirin  -  Andrew Thompson

Andrey Andreyevitch Shipuchin  -  Chris Morrison

Tatian Alexeyevna  -  Deirdre Hertog-Buurman

Nastasia Fiodorovna Merchutkin  -  Natacha Berthelon

Bank Board Member  -  Peter Hilton

Bank Board Member  -  Bernhard Rytz

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