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The Semi-Circle

   English Language Theatre in Basel since 1975
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Autumn Production 2006 - "Behind Bars" - Two one-act plays

"The Cagebirds" by David Campton; "Babysitting Calvin" by John H Newmeir

"The Cagebirds" by David Campton,
irected by Michael Clarke.

Collette O’Neill  -  Regular Thump, tame hen bird

Penny Rettig  -  Mirror Eyed Gazer, tame hen bird

Marieluise Maiwald  -  Constant Twitting, tame hen bird

Christine Comerci  -  Great Guzzler, tame hen bird
Susan Stafford  -  Mdicated Gloor, tame hen bird

Joy Scherer  -  Tong-Tonged Gossip, tame hen bird

Diana Zuger  -  Mistress, human

Stephanie Nemeth-Parker  - Wild one, a vibrant young hen bird

Six tame “birds” are kept in a cage by their Mistress.  Each is living in her own world, totally absorbed in her own character.  When the “Wild One” is thrown into the cage, she ruffles feathers by stirring up ideas and memories.  She tries to convince the others that freedom is more important than security.  But the self-imposed walls they have built around themselves are much harder to break down than any external barriers could be.  Disaster is inevitable.

"Babysitting Calvin" by John H Newmeir,
irected by Peter Hilton.

Calvin, 10 month old baby  -  Nick Steven
Katie, Calvin's mother  -  Susanne Thommen 
Laura, Calvin's former wife  Helen Baldomero 
Bob, Laura's lecherous "friend"  -  
Simon Kessler
Donna, Katie's sexy friend
  -  Donna Marie Tomlinson 

Calvin, a ten month old baby, can still remember his previous life when he was happily married to Laura, despite the womanising attentions of his friend Bob. Calvin will lose his blissful memories when he reaches his first birthday - or speaks - so nothing will make him talk. His single parent Mum is persuaded to go out for the evening with Donna, her sexy friend and the baby sitter she finds is none other than Laura. She is bringing along lecherous Bob! Calvin sets about thwarting Bob's desires using every trick known to babies. Can he stop Bob........ without saying a word?

Producer: Roger Bonner

Venue: Das Neue Theater am Bahnhof Dornach, 21/22/23/27/28/29/30 September 2006


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