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   Basel since 1975

Next Production:

The Semi-Circle is pleased to announce our Autumn production


The production comprises one-act plays and sketches to be performed at the 

Theatre Arlecchino, Walkeweg 122, 4052 Basel, 

8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17 November 2018.

The plays and cast are:

  •   Carbon Dating by Chloe Hannah
    Director:  John C. Hyland,  Assistantdirector:  Chloe Hannah
    Cast:  Ugu:   Firat Orhan
                      Gada:   Barbara Bekalska
                        Waitress:  Estela Celi
         Odjo:       Hemerson Luis Paes
  •   Over the Top by Geoff Parker
Director:  Diana Zuger
Cast:  Thomas:   David Cox
                  Michael:   Cameron Gough

  • A.I. Guy by Jonathan Edgington
·        Director:  Georgina Rotter,  AssistantDirector : Chris Jones
·        Cast: Courtney: Jen Newman
Veronica Georgina Rotter
Carlos Saurabh Sinha

  •  The Four Yorkshirewomen in Basel (adapted from the Monty Python sketch “The Four Yorkshiremen")
Cast and Directors:          Zuzana Cox, Elizabeth Shaw, Susan Aeschbach, Joy Scherer 

  • M is for Moon among other things by Tom Stoppard
Director:  Georgina Rotter
Cast: Constance: Billy Gilbert
                 Alfred: Michael Bray

  •   Playing with Daisy by Eleanor Fossey
Director: David Cox
Cast: Daisy: Zuzana Cox
                 Esther:  Elizabeth Shaw

Producer: Chris Jones

By arrangement with United Artists, Lazy Bee Scripts and Cressrelles Publishing Company


Here are some teaser photos from our Dress Rehearsals








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