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The Semi-Circle is delighted to announce our spring 2020 production of Agatha Christie's iconic play "And Then There Were None" to be performed at The Theater Rampe, Basel

The Spring 2020 production will take place at the 

Theater Rampe, Byfangweg 6, 4051 Basel

on the following dates: 11-13 and 18-20 June from 18:30

***** Details of ticket availability will be provided soon *****

Cast in order of appearance:

Mrs. Rogers Cathy Barker

Narracot Chris Jones

Rogers Vance White

Vera Claythorne Magda Bednarska

Captain Lombard Luca Manganelli

Toni Marston Valentina D'Alessandro

Blore Rik Deurloo

General Mackenzie John Hyland

Emily Brent Samantha Children

Sir Lawrence Wargrave Paul Pietersee

Dr. Armstrong Sarah Thomforde

Director: Michael Clarke

Co-Directors: Diana Zuger, Chris Jones

Producer: Michael Bray

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