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The Semi-Circle

   English Language Theatre in Basel since 1975
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History of Semi-Circle Productions since 1975

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A full list of all Semi-Circle productions since 1975 can be viewed by clicking here 


2020 to 2024

Lockdown in Little Grimley (Tristram) - November 2020

2015 to 2019




Sweet Expectations What's Been Bugging Stuart (Hannah), Platinum (Bonner), Swiss Twist (Hannah), Time Flies (Ives), While you were Sleeping (Braun), Eugenically Speaking (Goodman) -  November 2019

Don't Drink The Water (Allen) - June 2019

Lucky Thirteen - Rehearsed Play Readings Final Curtain  (Gibbons), What’s Been Bugging Stuart (Hannah), Controlling Interest (Rawle), Bit of a Gossip (Gibbons), Can Can (Linney), The Love Potion (Barr), Leading Ladies (Simpkin), Act Without Words (Beckett)Table for Two (Middaugh)Matterhorn (Orloff)The Food Rationing Auction (Lovesy/Two), Writers Group (Jensen), Post-Its (Notes on a Marriage) (Dooley/Holzman) - March 2019.


FRIENDSHIPS?  Carbon Dating (Matus), Over the Top (Parker), A.I. Guy (Edgington), Four Yorkshirewomen in Basel, Playing with Daisy (Fossey) - November 2018

Top Girls  (Churchill) - June 2018

Secrets  Love Forty (Hannah), Waiting (Creighton), Death Knocks (Allen), A Respectable Funeral (Chinn)  –  October/November 2017

Blithe Spirit  (Coward)  –  June 2017

An Evening of David Campton plays  - Rehearsed play readings -  What's a Name?, Night Watch,  Volunteer, Home from Home, Hunt up, Who?, Token of Esteem, Octopus, Yellow in the Autumn Sunlight, The Parcel   –  February 2017

Autumn 2016  The Zoo Story (Albee), Alas, poor Fred (Saunders)  –  November 2016

Dracula   (Balderstone & Deane / McNulty)    June 2016

True Colours  My Apology (Allan), Syrinx (Mosse), Sand to the Egyptians (Yates), Sure Thing (Ives)             November 2015

Entertaining Angels   (Everett)    June 2015

2010 - 2014


Distraction   1-900-Desperate (Durang), Marigolds Piling on the Agony (Chambers), Naomi in the Living Room (Durang), Late Entry (Tristram)    November 2014

Calendar Girls  (Firth)  –  June 2014

Greener Grass   Losing it (Webb), Mixed Doubles (Feydeau), DMV Tyrant (Durang), The Extraordinary
Revelations of Orca the Goldfish
–  November 2013

A Murder is Announced  (Christie)  –  June 2013

Duplicity   Foul Territory (Wright), Creep (Cristy), Jerry Springer is God (Pelfrey), Game Theory (Sagal), The Dear Departed (Houghton), Medea (Durang/Wasserstein)  –  September 2012

The Shadow Box  (Cristofer)  –  April 2012

Looking Back, Falling Forward   Death of a Clown (Beard), Ruby of Elsinore (Kane), Norma (Owen), Night (Pinter)  –  October 2011

RENT  (Larson)  –  June 2011

Unoriginal Sin  (Tristram)  –  October/November 2010

Quartet  (Harwood)  –  February 2010

2005 - 2009


Bouncers and Shakers  (Godbar & Thornton)    October/November 2009

Hidden Lives   Folie à Trois (Wooley), Behind the Curtain (Macauliffe)    April 2009

A Streetcar named Desire  (Williams)    November 2008

Down & Out  Rabbit (Foxton), The Author's Voice (Greenberg), The Cavern (Gater), As Good as New (Perry)    May 2008

Role Play  (Ayckbourn)    September 2007

Spring 2007   Expert in Flowers (Jaquet), Shop for Charity (Mander), The Celebration (Chekhov) 
  May 2007

Behind Bars  The Cagebirds (Campton), Babysitting Calvin (Newmeir)    September 2006

Same Time, Next Year  (Slade)    February / March 2006

The Memory of Water   (Stephenson)    September 2005

Paradise Lost   Homecoming (Sievert & Jaquet), Squashed (Young), The Fear of Heaven (Mortimer) 
  April 2005

2000 - 2004


Arms and the Man  (Shaw)  –  October 2004

Spring 2004  Time Flies (Ives), Feeding the Ducks (Park), Three Women (Brown), Red Spy at Night (King)  –  May 2004

Oliver  (Bart)  –  November/December 2003

An Evening of A.R. Gurney Plays  The Love Course, A Guest Lecturer  June 2003

An Evening of Sketches   The Ox Fodder Crisis (Stafford), Zoo Perspectives (the Semi-Circle Writers Group), War Fuel (Todd), Bus Ride (Walder), Mobile Mania (Scherer) March 2003

The Hollow Crown  (Barton)   –  June and September 2002

Spring 2002  Careful Rapture (Popplewell), A Talk in the Park (Ayckbourn), Guts (Sievert)  –  April 2002

Autumn 2001    Identity Crisis (Burns), Diary of a Bad Housewife (Limb), The Proposal (Checkov)  –  October 2001

Rumours  (Simon)   –  June 2001

Straight & Narrow   (Chinn)   –  October 2000

Spring 2000  On Hold at 30,000 Feet (Burns), Sharks in the Custard (Layton), The Doctor in Spite of Himself (Molière)  –  May 2000

1995 Autum - Season's Greetings1995 - 1999


A Chorus of Disapproval  (Ayckbourn)    October 1999

March 1999  An Englishman Abroad (Bennett), The Problem (Gurney), Cold Salmon (Bowen) 
  March 1999

Will Power  - An Evening of Entertainment with Shakespeare    October 1998

March 1998  Between Mouthfuls (Ayckbourn), Albert (Harris), Joining the Club (Tristram)    March 1998

Doctor in the House  (Gordon & Willis)    October 1997

March 1997  Roll Over (Stafford), Actor’s Nightmare (Durang), Last Panto in Little Grimley (Tristram) 
  March 1997

Arsenic and Old Lace  (Kesselring)    October 1996

March 1996  Interior Designs (Chinn), A Cut in the Rates (Ayckbourn), The Rats (Christie), Jeffrey Barnard Is Unwell (Waterhouse)    March 1996

Season's Greetings   (Alan Ayckbourn)    October 1995

March 1995   Green Forms (Bennett), Sure Thing (Ives), Last Tango in Little Grimley (Tristram) 
  March 1995

1990 - 1994


You Can't Take It With You  (Hart & Kaufmann)    October 1994

March 1994  Lunch Hour (Mortimer), Phones (Morris), The Man in a Case (Wasserstein), A Jolly Sinister Jape (Strange)  – March 1994

Lord Arthur Savile's Crime  (Wilde)    October 1993

Talking Heads  A Lady of Letters, Her Big Chance, Bad among the Lentils (all by Bennett) 
  May 1993 


Spring 1993  A Sense of the Ridiculous (Terence), Sweet Caroline Sweet (Edwards), George (Hickmann) 
  March 1993

An Inspector Calls  (Priestley)    November 1992

Spring 1992  Thermal Underwear (Davis), Bar Stools (Morris), What’s for Pudding? (Tristram) 
  March 1992 


The Boy Friend  (Wilson)    October 1991

Nightmare  (Robbins)    March 1991

May 1990   Departure (Smith), Queer Street (Kelly)    May 1990

The Crucible   (Miller)    February 1990 

1987 - 1989

A Christmas Carol (Dickens)    a reading for charity    December 1989

1989 November  Five Revue Sketches (Pinter), Too long an Autumn (Chinn)    November 1989

Dear Liar  (Kilty)    September and again in November/December 1989

1989 May  May Knightsbridge (Mortimer), Round and Round the Gooseberry Bush (Shirley)    May 1989

Love for Love  (Congreve)    February 1989

The Pageant  The Paradise Pageant, The Nativity Pageant    December 1988

1988 May  Bus Stop (Shirley), Postal Orders (Pertwee), From Here to the Library (Chinn)    May 1988

I Remember Mama  (Van Druten)    March 1988

The Pageant  The Paradise Pageant, The Nativity Pageant – performed for charity    December 1987 

1987 November  Ara Di Capo (Millay), Womberang (Townsend)    November 1987

Red Carnations (Hughes)    August 1987

February - Pygmalion  (Shaw)    February 1987

A Respectable Funeral  (Chinn)    1987 - 1988

1975 - 1986

Fumed Oak  (Coward)    May 1986

Night Must Fall  (Williams)    March 1986

Separate Tables  (Rattigan)    March 1985

Blithe Spirit  (Coward)    February 1984

Present Laughter  (Coward)    February 1983

The Importance of Being Ernest  (Wilde)    February 1982 


A Seaside Show  Songs and Entertainment from the Twenties  -  October 1980

Hay Fever   (Coward)    January 1980

Old Time Music Hall  Variety Show    September 1978

Dear Charles  (Melville)    Januar 1978

Jubilee Revue  Variety Show     May 1977

Heartbreak House  (Shaw) - rehearsed Play Reading    December 1976

Lord Arthur Savile's Crime  (Wilde) rehearsed Play Reading    May 1975

Before The Semi-Circle  Pre 1975

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