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The Semi-Circle performs at FEATS 2016

FEATS Competition:


The Semi-Circle took "Syrinx" by Kate Mosse to FEATS 2016, having first performed it in November 2015 as part of our evening of one-act plays, "True Colours".

The "Syrinx" cast and crew were:

Director: Christine Archer

Cast: Zuzana Cox, Rita Felder, Liz Shaw and Diana Zuger - also Sylvia Bach (musician)

Crew: Susan Aeschbach, Jonathan Apted, Clare Austin, David Cox, Kirsten Gräser, Tibor Gyalog, Berndt Reiss


The FEATS adjudicator described the performers as four very strong experienced actresses.  Rita Felder received special mention as an engaging actress.  Zuzana Cox was nominated for Best Actress, her opening monologue being described as ‘very powerful’.  The adjudicator commented on the lovely live flute playing by Sylvia Bach, and on the impressive quality of her musicianship in singing the closing ‘Lacrimosa’.

FEATS Fringe:

The Semi-Circle took "Sure Thing" by David Ives to FEATS Fringe 2016.  This was another play which had previously been performed by The Semi-Circle in November 2015 as part of the production called "True Colours".

The "Sure Thing" cast and crew were:

Director: Stephanie Feddern

Cast: Stephanie Feddern and David Laurie

Crew: Susan Aeschbach

From their laughter, the audience appreciated the strong performance of Stephanie and David as they played out the couple who, meeting for the first time, try to navigate through the maze of wrong things to say and do until they finally succeed in going out on a date.


Sincere thanks and congratulations to everyone from The Semi-Circle who participated and represented the Club at FEATS 2016!

FEATS (Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies), Luxembourg, June 2014:

The Semi-Circle performed "The Extraordinary Revelations of Orca the Goldfish" and achieved second place overall, as well as receiving nominations for all actors involved.

These achievements in Luxembourg and Isle of Man are a testament to the excellent theatrical standards of our Club.

British All-Winners' Festival, Douglas, Isle of Man, June 2014

Only amateur theatre groups that have won or have been close runner-up in regional competitions are invited to perform at the All Winners' Festival.  The Semi-Circle was invited because of the success of "The Extraordinary Revelations of Orca the Goldfish" at FEATS 2014.  The production won two of the five awards for one-act plays, including the award for best individual performance and for technical and backstage work.

Chronology of Semi-Circle Productions performed at National and International Festivals

BAWF  –  British All Winners Festival
FEATS  –  Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies
FEST  –   Festival of English Speaking Theatre in Switzerland

 Production Award                                                   
 2016 FEATS, Brussels
 Syrinx (Mosse)
 2016 FEATS Fringe, 
 Sure Thing (Ives)
 2014 BAWF, Isle of Man
 The Extraordinary Revelations of Orca the Goldfish
 Award for best individual performance &
 Award for technical and backstage work
 2014 FEATS,  Luxembourg
 The Extraordinary Revelations of Orca the Goldfish 
 2011 FEATS, Geneva
 Death of a Clown (Beard)
 Third Place
 2009 FEATS, Brussels
 Folie à Trois (Wooley)
 2008 FEATS, Stockholm
 The Cavern (Gater)
 2008 FEST, Cham/Zug
 The Author's Voice (Greenberg)
 2007 FEATS,  The Hague
 Expert in Flowers (Jaquet)
 2004 FEATS, Antwerp
 Feeding the Duck (Park)
 Best actor award: Michael Clarke
 2002 FEATS, Brussels
 Guts (Sievert)
 Discretionary Award for the director: Andy Tobler &
 Discretionary award for stge management: Mary Sinnott
 2001 Theatertage, Aarau
 Hard Candy (Rand)
 2001 FEATS, The Hague
 Hard Candy (Rand)
 Discretionary Award for team work
 1999 FEATS, Geneva
 An Englishman Abroad (Bennet)
 Commendation: Norman Koeth
 1998 Theatertage, Aarau
 Albert (Harris)
 1995 FEST, Zurich
 Last Tango in Little Grimley (Tristram)
 1993 FEST, Berne
 A Sense of Ridiculous (Rae)
 1991 FEST, Geneva
 A Respectable Funeral (Chinn)
 1989 FEST, Berne
 Five review sketches (Pinter)
 1987 FEST, Berne
 The Paradise Pageant

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