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The Semi-Circle

   English Language Theatre in Basel since 1975
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Spring Production 2000 - On Hold at 30,000 Feet (Burns), Sharks in the Custard (Layton), The Doctor in Spite of Himself (Molière)


Production Manager:           Tony O’Sullivan

Co-Production Manager:      Angela Robinson

Venue: Schönes Haus, Nadelberg 6, Basel

21/22/24/25/29/30/31 March 2000


Sharks in the Custard

Written by Tony Layton

Directed by: Michael L. Wilkinson


This play takes place in an art gallery and concerns the ordinary lives of the cleaners employed there. However, in a wider sense it is about our modern life and how absurdly it is becoming dominated by "Shareholder Value", "Merger Madness" and the blatant worship of mammon in all its forms. "Sharks" presents lowly cleaners confronted with the inhumanity of cost-centre thinking, as they soon realise society has become totally monetarized and takes no heed of the individual's need to earn a living, even if it is only at subsistence level. However, our ladies are feisty and resourceful. They learn to play the system with uproarious success. An example to us all?


Sheila McKenzie
Liz, a Scot, Cleaner
Suzan Wilson as Vera, an Australian, Cleaner  Stephanie Manning as Mair, Nottingham girl with a Welsh name, Cleaner
Valerie Walder as Bridget, Curator, Metropolitan
ichael Wilkinson as Unnamed, Metropolitan, Visiting art afficionado
Louisa Breckenridge as Operative, Atlas Cleaning Corporation  

On Hold at 30’000 Feet
Written by Kitty Burns

Director: Michael Clarke


It's been a long hard business trip.  All Jacqueline really wants is to settle down in the plane home, relax, read the paper and enjoy a couple of whiskeys in peace.  The last thing she - or the cabin crew - wants is to have to nursemaid Harvey, a neurotic suffering from a life-long flying phobia.  The only way for Harvey to calm his jaded nerves is to call up first his psychoanalyst - and then his personal psychic: Madame Kiki. Happily, Madame Kiki foresees a safe and peaceful landing for Harvey - or does she?



John Hyland as Harvey; Noira Hess as Jacqueline (née David); Susannah Todd as Attendant #1; Isabelle Haine as Attendant #2, Eric Collino as Pilot




The Doctor in Spite of Himself

A comedy by Molière
 Directed by Zuzana Cox


He protests . . . he objects . . . but all to no avail! A lowly woodcutter is thrust into the role of the eminent doctor. Everyone in the household of a rich landowner believes him to be the great physician who is capable of curing all ills! Against his better judgement he agrees to play the part . . . and then, “in spite of himself”, enjoys his task of curing the landowner’s daughter of her mysterious malady . . . whilst helping her towards true love!  Albert Bermel’s recent translation of Molière’s classic seventeenth century farce is presented with all the qualities of an absurd fairy tale . . . and of course a tongue-in-cheek “poke” at the medical profession!



David Cox as Sganarelle, a woodcutter, Angela Robinson as Martine, his wife, Andrew Thompson as Géronte, a landowner, Diana Zuger as Valère, servant, John Gleaves as Lucas, Géronte’s other servant, Alexandra Foggetta as Jacqueline, wife of Lucas, Jacqui-Mae Allison, Lucinde, Géronte’s daughter, in love with Léandre, Louis van Niekerk as Léandre

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