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The Semi-Circle

   English Language Theatre in Basel since 1975
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Autumn Production 2001 - "Diary of a Bad Housewife" by Sue Limb - "The Proposal" by Anton Chekhov - "Identity Crisis" by Kitty Burns


Production Manager: John Stafford

Venue: Junges Theater, Kaserne, Basel

18/19/20/24/25/26/27 October 2001


by Sue Limb - adapted for the stage by Michael Wilkinson

Scene - A living room

Dulcie Domum is the creation of Sue Limb, a well-known English author and columnist.  "Diary of a Bad Housewife" has been with the British public for some 20 years as a weekly newspaper column. Dulcie is a mother of two young children and a struggling writer with an abstracted university lecturer husband, Gordon, who is so immersed in his academic pursuits that he finds it very difficult to participate in the day-to-day matters of the family. Dulcie has been trying for some time to write a best seller, which is proving very trying, but she needs the income to ease her constant cash crises. Dulcie is instantly recognisable as a kind of “Everywoman” sharing many of our present day stresses. The message is encouraging: if Dulcie can survive, so can we!

Director: Michael Wilkinson


Dulcie Domum -  Molly Arnold

Spouse  -  Peter Hilton

Harriet  -  Alice Lyons

Henrietta - Josie Smith

Mrs Body, the household help - Valerie Walder

Tracey, Mrs Body’s niece - Dorothy Jaeger

Val, a photographer - Andrew Geogan

Saskia, a snobby friend - Suzan Wilson





IDENTITY CRISIS  by Kitty Burns, Directed by  Michael Clarke

Andrea Estridge  -  Christine Comerci

Nathan Ross  -  Allen Holland

Kathy Healy  - Sandra Roche

Jack  -  Andrew Fernandes

George  -  Tony Fenn

Marion  -  Diana Zuger


Scene - Baggage claim area of the airport

1937: Aviation pioneer, Amelia Earhard, takes off to cross the Pacific on her round the world flight.  Hours later, with fuel running out, radio operators pick up her final message.  Lost without a trace?  Maybe - or maybe Andrea Estridge, reporter, is about to uncover the aviation sensation of the century

THE PROPOSAL  by Anton Chekhov, Directed by Tony O'Sullivan

Scene – A farmhouse drawing room


Stepan Chubukov  -  Eric Collino

Ivan Lomov  -  Jamie Sievert

Natasha, daughter of Stepan  -  Nicolaia Marston

A young farmer approaches his neighbour's daughter with an offer of marriage. Unaware of the man's purpose, she gets caught up in an argument with him, resulting in his expulsion from the house. Even after the man's motivations are made clear, his and the daughter's cantankerous stubbornness continue to jeopardise the betrothal.


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