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The Semi-Circle

   English Language Theatre in Basel since 1975
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Spring Production 1992 - "Thermal Underwear" by Andrew Davis, "Bar Stools" by Don Morris, "What's for Pudding" by David Tristram

Venue: Schönes Haus, Nadelberg, Basel

25/26/27/28 March 1992

Thermal Underwear by Andrew Davis

Eliane & Bob        Caroline Weisskopf & Kevin Ashbridge

Mum & Dad          Sue Stafford & Eric Collino

Shirley & Gareth    Sabine Trieloff & Rupert Dell

Directors: Joan Kuster and Diana Zuger

Eliane and husband Bob are hosting a Sunday luncheon in honour of her parents' 40th wedding anniversary. No mean feat for Mum and Dad, holding up the banner of marital bliss for four decades. The prospect of having to do the same fills Bob with trepidation. His wife is having a fling with goodness knows who, his teenage daughters are perfect models of self-indulgence and his "Well, yes, quite, here we are then" friends aren't bastions of support either. Plenty there to get under the skin and with the domestic climate as arctic as it is, this man is in need of protection . . . insulation, like Dad's. Bob begins to eye his father-in-law with growing interest and respect.

Barstool by Don Morris

An American Woman      Jacintha Horowitz

A German Man                Rupert Dell

A Frenchwoman                Barbara Hummel

A Frenchman                       Emil Roth

Director: Joy Scherer

We are at Charlie's Bar, a clean, well-lit place somewhere in Germany. One stool per customer, but as soon as the patrons settle in, elbow-to-elbow, a new group dynamic takes over and the bar starts humming like the Tower of Babel. Looking for a friendly nod, the American tosses questions out at the group, like pebbles in a pond. Words and effect are conveyed along in ripples, and we see that getting still waters to gurgle can lead to surprising results.

What's for Pudding? by David Tristram

Mary         Helen Baldomero

Jack          Dennis Dell

Maureen    Jacky Sayers

Ted            Edward Atkinson

Dennis       Roger Kleiber

Directed by Sonia Dell and Jenny Aellig

What's got into Mary? Dear, TV-dinner-cooking Mary? Weekends for her and fastidious Jack no longer exactly zing with Saturday Night Fever, but tonight the bantering punches are especially fast and low. "Time" is called when there is a sudden knock on the door and friends drop by unexpectedly. The ring widens, and a few sociable bottles of Scotch later everybody starts developing a taste for doing gorilla imitations and letting talk sear closer and closer to truth. And it's a good thing, too, for how else would we find out what's got into Mary? And if there will even be any pudding...


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