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1983 Production - "Present Laughter" by Noël Coward

Present Laughter (Noel Coward)

2/3/4/5 February 1983

Graham Simons as Garry ESSENDINE

Barbara Clark as MONIKA REED, Garry's secretary

Ted Ford as FRED, Garry's valet

Joan Kuster as MISS ERIKSON, Garry's housekeeper
Molly Arnold as LIZ ESSENDINE, Garry's ex-wife


Ruth Meier as LACY SALTBURN, Daphne's aunt

Tony James as ROLAND MAULE, a young writer
Bob Billington as MORRIS DIXON, Garry's producer

Bryan Taylor as HENRY LYPPIATT, Garry's manager

Diana Zuger as JOANNA LYPPIATT, Henry's wife

Peter Broberg (Producer)

Margot (Producer's Assistant)

Ruedi Kuster (Production Manager)

Peter Nixon (Stage Manager)

Muriel Taylor and Liz Baur (Wardrobe)

the Ortliebs (Make-up)

Peter Degen and Grayson Richards (Lighting and Sound)

Penny Ehrsam (Programme)

Tony Obrist (Publicity)

At 40, Garry Essendine’s youth is not enduring too well under the combines assaults of his own vanity and a succession of young ladies who, having lost their home latchkeys, ring his doorbell late at night. As a stage idol he lives on adulation but complains bitterly about it as well. Two people out of the entourage that surrounds him as if he were a nabob understand his thoroughly and therefore take no nonsense from him: his secretary Monica and his wife Liz, from whom he is legally separated. Joanna, a femme fatale, the wife of his rather stodgy business manager, also judges him shrewdly enough to get what she wants from him. While Roland Maule, a slightly dotty young playgoer, invades his privacy with persistent and highly ambivalent admiration. We find Garry trying to cope with all this on the eve of a theatrical tour to South Africa.

Venue: Gymnasium Bäumlihof, Basel

The Clubs Programme were sold to a Price of Fr. 1.-.

from the Commettee meeting of 25th April 1983:

That meeting included a report on the estimated profit for the production of "Present Laughter" (1,100 spectators).  In fact, "Present Laughter" made a profit for the Semi-Circle of 2,656.80.



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