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February 1987 Production - "Pygmalion" by G.B. Shaw

S Bernhard Shaw's Pygmalion24/25/26/27 February 1987  
Cast of Characters
Professor Henry Higgins, a phoneticist,  -   Norman KoethMiss Higgins, Higgins' socialite mother   -   Barbara Clark
Eliza Doolittle, a Cockney flower-girl   -   Lesley StockreisserAlfred Doolittle, Eliza's Father   -   Bryan TaylorColonel Pickering, Higgins' friend   -   Peter Broberg
Freddy Eynsford-Hill, fancies Eliza   -   Oscar BaldomeroClara Eynsford-Hill   -   Helen BaldomeroMrs Eynsford-Hill, Freddy's Mother   -   Ruth MeierMrs Pearce, Higgins' housekeeper   -   Joan Kuster
Parlourmaid   -   Ann StaffordBystanders   -   Brian Acton, Nicholas Degen, Peter Degen, Chris Heye, Lisa Nixon, Grayson Richards, Doreen Richter, Kathrin Schärer, Paul Schmid, Ann Stafford, Joy Stone, Ursula Werfeli, Bob Williamson

Director: Richard Levitt


Venue: Gymnasium Bäumlihof, Basel

24/25/26/27 February 1987


Cornelia Ziegler made during the Dress Rehearsals and one Performance beautiful sketches, then added quotes from the play and printed 40 examples on A4 - a memento for all people who took part


On a typically English evening a crowd of people are sheltering in the porch of St Paul's Church, Covent Garden, where a strange man is taking down notes on everybody. This is, of course, Professor Henry Higgins. Higgins meets Colonel Pickering, who is also an expert on language. In the crowd is Eliza Doolittle, a Cockney flower-girl, and a turmoil ensues as Higgins criticizes her and others for their incorrect speech. Eliza overhears Higgins claim to Pickering that he could create a duchess out of her.

Eliza turns up at Higgins' house and asks him to teach her to "talk like a lady in a flower shop". Higgins takes her in, much to the chagrin of Mrs Pearce, his housekeeper. Alfred Doolittle now appears on the scene and tries to get money from Higgins, as compensation for losing his daughter. Higgins and Pickering realize that they have much to do.

Henry's mother is giving an "at home" afternoon and is expecting the Eynsford-Hills, who were also among the crowd sheltering in Covent Garden. Henry arranges for Eliza to be invited, to test her out in society for the first time. She behaves beautifully but, although her diction has been greatly improved, her vocabulary has remained that of a Cockney flower-girl, which rather puzzles the other guests. Freddy Eynsford-Hill takes an immediate fancy to Eliza. Mrs Higgins scolds Colonel Pickering and her son for their treatment of the girl.

After the ball, Higgins, Pickering and Eliza return home. The two men gloat over their success. A scene now follows in which Eliza vents her feelings: she has won the evening, but gets no recognition from them. She leaves the house and meets Freddy, who proposes to her.

Higgins is seemingly lost without Eliza. He finds her at his mother's home. Alfred Doolittle appears again. He is now a wealthy man and is about to mary Eliza's sixth "stepmother". Eliza declares herself a free woman and Higgins shows real feelings towards her. Everyone goes off to Doolittle's wedding, leaving Higgins alone in the house . . .


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