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The Semi-Circle

   English Language Theatre in Basel since 1975
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Spring Production 1994 - "The Man in a Case" by Wendy Wasserstein, "Phones" by Don Morris, "Lunch Hour" by John Mortimer, "A Jolly Sinister Jape" by Elliot Strange

Production Manager: John Stafford

Venue: Schönes Haus, Nadelberg, Basel

16/17/18/23/24/25 March 1994

The Man in a Case by Wendy Wasserstein

based on the Short Story by Anton Chekov

Directed by Michelle Florin


Varinka     -     Nina Meier Bradlin

Byelinkov    -    John Fulton

"The Man in a Case" is a play about possibility. Byelinkov, an aging school teacher irritated and alarmed by reality, and the always laughing Varinka are in search of a life together, but can't seem to get beyond the cases they've built around themselves. They are as others see them, believing that they "deserve not to be different . . ."


Phones by Don Morris

Directed by Sonia Dell


Phyllis - A gossip     -   Sheila McKenzie

JB, A businessman    -    Dennis Dell

Airline captain     -     Kevin Ashbridge

Angry wife      -     Jacintha Horowitz


In the departure hall of an airport four totally different people with totally different problems happen to be in neighbouring telephone booths; watch and listen how their separate problems develop and eventually converge.



Lunch Hour by John Mortimer

Directed by Kevin Ashbridge


The Girls        -       Katerina Ganslandt

The Man        -       Eric Collino

The Manageress   -   Diana Zuger

It is the early 1960's in a small hotel room near King's Cross railway station London. It is 1 pm exactly on a winter's day.  Her knight in shining silver armour. That's what the girl was looking for; someone who knew about romance and about love. He already had a home life, but she was willing to overlook that shortcoming. She had met him at the office and now after several innocent lunch hours in the park she was on her way with him to a hotel. Oh but he loved her - he had said so. He had arranged for the room but he had not told the hotel manageress the truth about her. Sometimes the truth has a way of catching up with you. . .

A Jolly Sinister Jape by Elliot Strange

Directed by Rupert Dell

Lord Stubbs        -        Edward Atkinson

Biffy Trubshaw       -       Flavio De Rosa

Ophelia Le Bobo/

   Deirdre Sausagemeat  -  Isabelle Gould

Fatty Parsons      -     Sandra Brunschweiler-Marx

"A Jolly Sinister Jape" is a hilarious one-act play with all sorts of frills, thrills and mysteries that willl keep you on the edge of your seats from start to finish.


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