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The Semi-Circle

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May Production 1989 - "Knightsbridge" by John Mortimor, "Round and Round the Gooseberry Bush" by Rae Shirley

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Knightsbridge by John Mortimer

Directed by Muriel Taylor


Henry Bulstrode           Oscar Baldomero

Francesca Stokes           Lisa Nixon

Muriel Stokes              Jacintha Horowitz

A Man in a Mackintosh      Bryan Taylor

The action of the play passes in part of the sitting-room of Muriel Stokes' flat, somewhere behind Harrods, in the early Sixties.

Francesca brings her lover, Henry, to her mother's flat to annouce their intenation to get married. While waiting for Mrs Stokes, Francesca answers a mysterious phone call. From waht he overhears, Henry, in astonishment, concludes that Mrs Stokes is a member of the oldest profession. As a television interviewer he is immediately interested in securing her for a talk-show - the he finds his interest deeping . . .

Round and Round the Gooseberry Bush by Rae Shirley

Directed by Joan Kuster

Aunt Lavinia        Joy Scherer

Annie May         Helen Baldomero

Gertrude          Penny Ehrsam

Prunella          Rasha Mazzotti

Charlotte          Ruth Meier

Life during the Edwardian period in Britain was very far removed from the life we lead today. In those days, conversation was goverend by the rules of polite society and sex was a taboo subject. Gertrude, the Colones's middle-aged widow and her two spinster sisters, the shy, reserved Lavinia and the imprudent Charlotte, who is doing her best to improve women's rights, are faced with a serious problem. Gertrude's daughter, Prunella, is to be married the following day and they realise that there is a certain delicate matter hwich must be explained to her . . .

Venue: Theater Vis-à-Vis, Klosterberg, Basel

24/25/26/27 May 1989


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