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The Semi-Circle

   English Language Theatre in Basel since 1975
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May Production 1989 - "Bus Stop" by Rae Shirley, "Postal Order" by Roland Pertwee, "From Here to the Library" by Chimmie Chinn

Directed by Muriel Taylor

3/4/5/6 May 1989

Schönes Haus, Nadelberg, Basel


"Bus Stop" by Rae Shirley

Woman 1           Doreen Richter

Woman 2               Joan Kuster

Mrs Hickery               Sonia Dell

Mrs Finney        Rosanna Niklaus

Anita             Caroline Weisskopf

Fiona               Helen Baldomero

The Bookworm           Lisa Nixon

The scene is (of course) a bus stop in as small provinial town.

The bus is (of course) late!!

"Postal Orders" by Roland Pertwee

Miss Budd, the Manageress         Doreen Richter

Miss Evans, an Assistant        Lisa Llyod Williams

Miss Parker, an Assistant          Helen Baldomero

Gladys Graham                     Caroline Weisskopf

Ralph Wayne                                  Paul Schmid

In the Post Office. In comes Ralph who confides to the staff that his fiancée believes tha he has been unfaithful to he and has decided to marry another man. He tells them that she will come to the Post Office to send an urgent message to this man, accepting his proposal of marriage before his imminant departure for Australia. Ralph is desperately waiting for proof of his innocence and pleads with the staff of the Post Office to delay the sending of Miss Grahams' message ...

"From Here to the Library" by Jimmie Chinn

Beryl Tidy                   Joy Scherer

Mr. Gostilow        Oscar Baldomero

Dad                      Graham Simons

Beryl Tidy works at the library, under a new boss, Mr Gostilow, who has moved to the north from London. Beryl's private life is dominated by her elderly and irascible father, who demands all her attention: the library is her only escape. So when Beryl throws an uncharacteristic fit of temper at work, then goes home and fails to return, Mr Gostilow visits her to find out why . . .


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