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March Production 1988 - "I Remember Mama" by John van Druten


The Cast and the Director of "I Remember Mama"

"I Remember Mama" by John van Druten

based on Kathryn Forbes' novel, Mama's Bank Account

Katrin Hanson                                                     Cynthia Baer

Mama                                                                  Joan Kuster

Papa                                                              Graham Simons

Dagmar Hanson   (Tuesday and Thursday)      Eleanor Cockburn

Dagmar Hanson   (Wednesday and Friday)       Elizabeth Lazdins

Christine Hanson                                              Rebecca Reese

Mr Hyde                                                           Norman Koeth

Nels Hanson                                                    Nicholas Degen

Aunt Trina                                                           Diana Zuger

Aunt Jenny                                                        Barbara Clark

Aunt Sigrid                                                            Ruth Meier

Uncle Chris                                                        Richard Levitt

A Woman (Jessie)                                       Caroline Weisskopf

Dr. Johnson                                                          Brian Acton

Mr Thorkelson                                               Oscar Baldomero

A Nurse (1)                                                      Susan Stafford

A Charwoman                                                  Doreen Richter

Arne                                                                     Rupert Dell

A Nurse (2)                                                         Fanny Weiss

Soda Clerk                                                            Mark Nixon

Bell-Boy                                                                Mark Nixon

Florence Dana Moorehead                                 Doreen Richter

Directed by Richard Levitt and Norman Koeth

The play revolves around the life of a loving Norwegian immigrant family, the Hansons, living on Steiner Street in San Francisco soon after the turn of the 20th century. Told through the nostalgic eye of Katrin, one of three daughters, it is the story of a working-class family trying to live the American dream. Papa Hanson is a blue-collar worker; he and Mama attempt to raise their four children so that they understand the difference between right and wrong, between selfishness and selflessness. They are assisted by Mama's uncle, Uncle Chris, whose gruff exterior hides his inner charm and generosity.

Mama and Papa (Marta and Lars) believe in hard work and a good education. They struggle to put their son, Nels, through high school, as each member of the family sacrifices in order to accomplish this. They are warm and affectionate to each other, but very frugal in their use of funds. The three aunts, Jenny, Sigrid and Trina, offer a counterpoint, as the first two are usually selfish and petty, while Aunt Trina is mostly kind.

Through their hard work, wise financial decisions, and creative common sense, Mama and Papa manage to raise and educate their children.

Costumes by courtesy of the Stadttheater Basel

15/16/17/18 March 1988      Venue: Gymnasium Bäumlihof, Basel




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