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The Semi-Circle

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June Production 1986 - "Fumed Oak" by Noël Coward


Fumed Oak by Noël Cowand

an unpleasant Comedy

Venue: REKIZET, Im Mühlegarten 2, Ettingen

26 June 1986

Cast of Characters:

Brian Acton  as  Henry Gow

Joy Scherer  as  Doris (His Wife)

Ann Stafford  as  Alie (His Daughter)

Barbara Clark  as  Mrs Rockett (His Mother-in Law)

Producer: Muriel Taylor

Publicity and Catering: Anglo-Swiss Club and British Circle

This production was performed by
the Semi-Circle Repertory Experimental Work-Shop, they called themselves the SCREWS

and they worked without a director


It is breakfast time in the home of Henry Gow, a downtrodden, middle-aged salesman. He eats silently while the three women in his life exchange unpleasantries. His sloppy wife, Doris, and "horrible adenoidal daughter", Elsie, argue about her putting her hair up. Doris and his nagging mother-in-law, Mrs Rockett, quarrel about physical complaints. Elsie and Henry leaves the room, and the two women interrupt their argument to focus on him. They prepare to attack Henry, but when he reenters, dressed for work, they become sidetracked, and he departs, as the two continue quarrelling.

That evening, Henry comes home unusually voluble. He explains that he has been putting money aside, and he is leaving. He has transferred the freehold of the house to Doris. With a final critique of each of the three women, he leaves them for good. He happily slams the door behind him as they wail.

This was the first "workshop" of the Semi-Circle with the aim of giving less experienced members greater opportunity to perform on stage, or learn new jobs behind the scenes, and from these productions grew our evenings of one-act plays.



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