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The Semi-Circle

   English Language Theatre in Basel since 1975
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March 2003 - An Evening of Sketches

"The Ox Fodder Crisis" by Sue Stafford; "Zoo Perspectives" by The Semi-Circle Writers Group; "War Fuel" by Susannah Todd; "Bus Ride" by Chris Comerci; "Mobile Mania" by Joy Scherer

"The Ox Fodder Crisis" by Sue Stafford - "Zoo Perspectives" by The Semi-Circle Writers Group - "War Fuel" by Susannah Todd - "Bus Ride" by Chris Comerci - "Mobile Mania" by Joy Scherer

The Semi-Circle broke new ground by holding its first Sketch Evening: It was the first time an evening’s entertainment was completely written by Semi-Circle members.

Venue: The refectory of the Elizabethan church

28 March 2003

Organised by John Stafford.


The Ox Fodder Crisis written and directed by Sue Stafford

Julia            Susan Aeschbach

Phelan          Michael Clarke

Rufus             Alex Santos

Scapula           Andrew Thomson

Scapula, a Roman overlord in ancien tBritain, has his mind on winning the chariot race; his wife Julia would rather concentrage on that gorgeous Nubian slave she just has to have. The last thing they want is trouble with the local Brits who are getting agitated about some kind of price increase ...

Mobile Mania by Joy Scherer

Alice        Joy Scherer

Becky      Suzan Wilson

Alice is sure that at her age she can live quite happily without a mobile phone. As Becky tries to convince her otherwise Alice's curiosity gets the better of her - with some unexpected consequences ...

Zoo Perspectives by the Semi-circle Writers Group
Comerci, Joy Scherer John Stafford, Susannah Todd and Valerie Walder)

Polar Bear      Yvonne Fenn

Giraffe             Lea Mougoyannis

Robin                 Mary Sinnott

Lioness                Diana Zuger

Straight from the hot African Savannah, Giraffe finds herself in the Zoo. Old hand Polar Bear takes a motherly interest in her adjustment to her new situation. But, then, the Lioness comes up with a new scheme to change their whole situation, with the help of lively Robin.

War Fuel by Susannah Todd

First Woman       Ann Allen

Child                  Josie Cox

Second Woman    Sandra Roche

Priest                  J.-P. Lang

Third Woman       Diana Zuger

Man                    Michael Wilkinson

Servant               Susannah Todd

Narrator              Zuzana Cox

War Fuel explores how war affects civilians.
This particular piece deals with the Second World War.

Bus Ride by Valerie Walder

Charlie, the driver     Michael Wilkinson

Nell                           Joy Scherer

Dot                            Valerie Walder

Drunk                         Peter Hilton

Susan, a mother          Zuzana Cox

Linda, a single girl       Ann Allen

Edward                     Allan Holland

Policeman                Peter Hilton

A couple of Cockney ladies, a charming gentleman, a drunk and two young women take a bus ride with Charlie the driver along a usually uneventful London bus route. This time, however, not all the passengers are what they seem. Come along and join them for the ride...

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