The Semi-Circle
   English Language Theatre in
   Basel since 1975


Terms and conditions for actor participation in the Semi-Circle Basel productions

If you are offered and accept a role in a Semi-Circle production, you agree to:

1.   become a member of the Semi-Circle if you are not a member already;

2.   be available for every performance and on the dates for the technical and dress rehearsals;

3.   be available for most rehearsals during the rehearsal period and confirm that you do not expect frequent absences at short notice during this period;

4.   not accept a role in another production that would conflict with, or impact on, your availability for rehearsals and performances as stated above;

5.   promote the production to family, friends and colleagues and help distribute production posters and flyers;

6.  allow the Semi-Circle to use official photographs of you - in particular those taken at rehearsals and/or performances - to promote the production through the Semi-Circle publicity materials including, but not limited to, flyers, programme, website and other Semi-Circle social media platforms.

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