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The Semi-Circle

   English Language Theatre in Basel since 1975
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March Production 1993 - "A Sense of the Ridiculous" by Rae Terence, "Sweet Caroline Sweet" by Tony Edwards, "George" by Derek Hickman

Venue: Schönes Haus, Nadelberg, Basel

17/18/19/24/25/26 March 1993

Madness! Betrayal! Fantasy!

Two dramas and a comedy

A Sense of The Ridiculous by Rae Terence

Directed by Caroline Weisskop and Jacintha Horowitz


Mary                Helen Baldomero

Mother                 Joy Scherer

Uncle Henry                Michael Wilkinson

Body                                Kevin Ashbridge

Poor Mary, her natural sense of order is upset when she finds a body lying on the dining room table that doesn't appear to have been left there by either her homicidally inclined mother or uncle. Dismay soon turns to consternation when the supposedly dead body rises, becomes argumentative and refuses to leave . . .

The action of the play takes place in the lounge of a large suburban house.

Sweet Caroline Sweet by Tony Edwards

Directed by Flavio De Rosa


Percy Middleditch             Edward Atkinson

Mrs. Yates               Sheila McKenzie

Caroline Sweet              Michelle Florin

Miss Gillis               Barbara Hummel

Percy Middleditch is one of life's perennial losers. Passed over for promotion, he confides in his landlady, Mrs Yates. A chance offering of a newspaper brings Percy to the Lonely Hearts column. He advertises and, days later, meets the girl of his dreams, Caroline Sweet.

Unfortunately, his dreams turn out to be nightmares. Betrayed and hurt, Percy uses an unwitting estate agent, Miss Gillis, to get his revenge. But the surprises do not end there . . .

George by Derek Hickman

Directed by Muriel Taylor

Mr Smith                    Dennis Dell

A nurse           Katerina Ganslandt

A sister                   Isabelle Gould

Miss Ward              Sabina Triefloff

Dr Patel                      Joy Scherer

Dr Radlett           Oscar Baldomero

Lizzie                         Carole Held

Mr Beadle             Harold Jefferies

Jock                    Edward Atkinson

The action of the play occurs in a small ward in a small general hospital.

Who is George and where has he come from? To Mr Smith, he is a 'proper gentleman' but to the hospital staff he is both an embarrassment and a time- consuming problem. For George only exists in Mr Smith's imagination. Until George is disposed of, Mr Smith does not appear likely to recover and the hospital staff cannot cease ministering to an invisible patient in the empty bed next to Mr Smith. The doctors and nurses plot to kill off George . . .


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